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"It's just one straw",
said by every one in Japan, means that 126.49million straws would be used. 




Straw set  ストローセット

Straw set ストローセット

通常価格 // Regular price ¥1,200

THIN straw  THINストロー

THIN straw THINストロー

通常価格 // Regular price ¥400

THICK straw  THICKストロー

THICK straw THICKストロー

通常価格 // Regular price ¥600

We ship 100% plastic-free. Every time.


We don’t do fancy packaging. We don’t do over-wrapped products.
It may not be “on brand”. It may not be “instagrammable”.
But we trust that No Plastic Japan customers are with us on the zero waste journey. We ensure that you can recycle all our packaging, which could be made up of cardboard, newspaper, reused papers, and biodegradable washi tape.

FAQ // よくあるご質問

What does No Plastic Japan aim to do? のーぷらの目的はなんですか?

When it comes to improving something, we believe in starting where you can. Right now, No Plastic Japan is aiming to raise awareness around the issues of disposable plastics, especially straws. We do this by meeting, one by one, with cafe and restaurant owners, talking to them about why the environment, people's health, and their business would benefit from taking up sustainable practices. 

While the sales of our products is definitely part of the activities, it really is about the awareness, conversations, and change of behavior that occurs along the way that No Plastic Japan values.
If even one person decides not to use plastic straws anymore, that's pretty significant, for us. 



I can get cheaper straws elsewhere... もっと安く買えるところもありますが…

That's right! We certainly aren't the cheapest if you simply want any stainless steel straw. We don't blame you for looking elsewhere. 
But what comes with this price is:
1. the guarantee that our vendors do not use plastics when shipping to us
2. the guarantee that our package to you is recyclable/plastic-free
3.  supporting a small business (us!)
4. not only buying a product, but supporting awareness raising work 

1. のーぷらの取引先がプラスチックを使わず郵送していること
2. のーぷらからお客様にお届けするものも全てリサイクル可能でプラスチックでない素材であること
3. 小さなビジネスをサポートすること(のーぷらのことですよ!)
4. 商品を買うだけではなく、啓発活動に貢献できること