FAQ // よくあるご質問

1. のーぷらの目的はなんですか?
What does No Plastic Japan aim to do? 



When it comes to improving something, we believe in starting where you can. Right now, No Plastic Japan is aiming to raise awareness around the issues of disposable items being overused. We do this by collaborating with cafe and restaurant owners as well as other businesses, talking to them about why the environment, people's health, and their business would benefit from taking up sustainable practices. 

While the sales of our products is definitely part of the activities, it really is about the awareness, conversations, and change of behavior that occurs along the way that No Plastic Japan values. The changes can be seen for businesses and individuals in the community. 
If even one person decides not to use plastic straws anymore, that's pretty significant, for us! 

2. 他でステンレス製のストローを買えるところもありますが…のーぷらの特徴はなんですか?
I can buy straws elsewhere... why should I choose No Plastic Japan? 

1. のーぷらの取引先がプラスチックを使わず郵送していること
2. のーぷらからお客様にお届けするものも全てリサイクル可能でプラスチックでない素材であること
3. 小さなビジネスをサポートすること
4. 商品の購入だけではなく啓蒙活動やコミュニティ作りという活動に貢献すること

That's right! We certainly aren't the only ones that sell stainless steel straws anymore! But what comes with buying from No Plastic Japan is:
1. the guarantee that our vendors do not use plastics when shipping to us
2. the guarantee that our package to you is recyclable/plastic-free
3. supporting a small business (us!) 
4. not only buying a product, but supporting awareness raising and community-building work 

3. 商品発送までどのくらいかかりますか?
How long does it take for orders to be shipped?

We ship within 5 business days, counting from the day after you've ordered. 

4. 海外への配送も可能ですか?
Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do, but it is not encouraged! Reason being that many stores in other countries also sell stainless steel straws now, and it's more efficient to buy locally. However, if the No Plastic Japan one in particular is the one you've been looking for, we are more than happy to take your order of course :-)

5. どのような方法で郵送していますか?What shipping method do you use?

It depends on the size of your order, but as a standard, we use Japan Post's services with a tracking number.

6. 実際見て買いたいのですが、店舗はありますか?I would like to buy it in-person; do you have a physical store?

のーぷら No Plastic Japanのストローを販売くださっているお店は全国の様々な場所にございますので、こちらからご覧ください!
There are many stores that sell our straws for us – please check them out on here