2019 ② April-June 第二四半期

How time flies – before I could think, we are already way past the second quarter and in the third. I won't keep you for long. These blog posts are as much for me to remember everything as for keeping you all updated!

第二四半期のアップデートを投稿しなきゃ〜、と思っているうちに第三四半期になってしまいました。このブログシリーズでは、のーぷら No Plastic Japanが月々何をしているか、自分の記録も含めて、ご紹介します!

1. LOFT Ginza

Something I really wanted to include in the last update was, you may guess it, that No Plastic Japan straws are now in LOFT Ginza. It was already decided early 2019, but I thought I'd rather wait until it happens before I post...
The renovated first floor features a bunch of eco-friendly products, as well as interesting food and lifestyle items. I had a really good time browsing everything!

前回のアップデートですでに後悔したくてうずうずしていたのが銀座のLOFTにて のーぷら No Plastic Japanの商品が販売されていることです。いつもお世話になっている BIO HOTELS JAPANの中石さんのおかげで、彼がプロデゥースしたサステナビリティに関する製品コーナーに置いていただいています。

Having the products in LOFT is a dream, especially for a small one-woman business (the business is small, not me 💁🏻‍♀️).
The main benefit is the reach that LOFT can provide. The reach to people that I cannot target through my Instagram account, because they simply are not in my echo-chamber of #sustainable and #eco.
LOFTに商品を置いていただけるのは、個人事業主としては夢のようなこと。一番のインパクトはLOFTが与えられるリーチ。特に「エコ」などに関心がなく、のーぷら No Plastic Japanのインスタグラムからではなかなか繋がれない方がまだまだいっぱいいらっしゃいます。

It is so important to break into a new bubble of people, who may have never seen a reusable straw, in order to raise awareness around our wasteful lifestyles!
Being a conversation starter and a thought provoker is far more impactful than simply focusing on the sales. Although, of course, it is great to know how popular the products have been, with additional orders coming in each month..!

2. 530week

If you follow my Instagram, I have spoken about 530week and our activities there. 530week is a grassroots community organization, and our main goal is to make Shibuya and the surrounding Tokyo area more sustainable. The core is around 10 of us, and we are working on various projects right now – talking to government, launching a "hack project" in Cat Street, Harajuku etc.
インスタグラムでも度々紹介している 530week(ゴミゼロウィーク)ですが、渋谷を中心としたコミュニティで都内をもっと持続可能にするという団体です。コアメンバー10人ほどで政府へ提案したり、原宿のキャットストリートでのハックプロジェクトを広めたり、色々なアングルからの活動があります。

Our 530week conference had the theme of "Circular Economy" and hosted a wonderful lineup of speakers: big names like Starbucks, Mercari, RICOH and key players such as BIO HOTELS JAPAN/Circular Economy Japan, Ohkawa Printing, Aikasa etc.
今年の5月30日(木)にサーキュラーエコノミーをテーマに「530week conference」を開催しました。
スピーカーは豪華で、大手ですとスターバックス、メルカリ、リコーなど、そしてすでにサーキュラーエコノミーをリードしている BIO HOTELS JAPAN/Circular Economy Japan、大川印刷アイカサ(iKasa)など。

I moderated the panel discussion on the theme of "Product Life Extension", talking to Mercari, Freitag and Bio Hotels Japan/Circular Economy Japan about how extending the usable lifespan of a product, whether that is by fixing things, up cycling, or just taking general care for it, is one part of circular economy.
私は「製品の寿命延長」というテーマのモデレーターを務め、メルカリ、フライターグ、 BIO HOTELS JAPAN/Circular Economy Japanとお話ししました。寿命延長というと、何かを直したり、アップサイクルしたり、ただ単に丁寧に使ったりなどというやり方がありますが、サーキュラーエコノミーでも重要な一部。

Personally, I think that once our production is completely focused on a circular model, the efforts on product life extension will become less needed. What I mean is that right now, in a linear model, there are so many items that will have a bad impact on the environment if thrown away, and that those things need to be used as long as possible. But once our materials are all biodegradable and/or easily recycled, once we all own less stuff, the extension of product life necessary yet not the most pressing action to take.

3. SDG Pitch Night

Back with my favourite people from Social Innovation Japan!
This time, I was invited as a speaker for the first "SDG Pitch Night", which is a series of events where speakers will pitch projects focusing on at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project can be in pre-launch phase, or it could be something that's already working on. The event looks for "high-impact, innovative solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges". Phew, no pressure. 
私の仲良しな  Social Innovation Japan の仲間と再会〜!今回は「SDG Pitch Night」というイベントにスピーカーとしてご招待いただきました。このイベントシリーズは、国連のSDGに関するプロジェクトを紹介することがテーマ。ハイインパクトで、イノベーションで社会的&環境問題を解決するようなプロジェクトの集まり。

No Plastic Japan's Mona Neuhauss speaks at panel event in Tokyo, Japan on SDG projects

I had some brilliant questions from the audience –

  • Whether Japan is going to catch-up with other countries like the UK on reducing single-use items (I think yes, and the UK isn't that much ahead of Japan, really);
  • Whether I am thinking to increase the number of products (not for now, because more products = more consumption, and I cannot think of any basic zero-waste items right away that are not available in Japan, e.g. tumblers and tote bags are a definite no for me)
  • etc.


  • 日本は使い捨てのモノの利用を減らす中、イギリスなどの他国に追いつけるのか(追いつけると思います。それよりも前に、イギリスもそこまでリードしているかというわけでもないと思います)
  • 今後のーぷら No Plastic Japan は他の商品も取り扱うのか(今の所は予定なし。商品を増やす=消費を増やす、なので、例えばタンブラーやマイバッグなどは絶対ないです)
  • などなど



Another eventful 3 months! And since I am so behind these updates each time, I might just start the Q3 report now...! Until next time.
色々と動いた3ヶ月でした!毎回この四半期アップデートが遅れるので、これからQ3書き始めた方が良いかも… それでは、また次回。

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