Nothing but just water // 必要なのは水

There is a big hype about the packaging of JUST Water now that they have arrived in Japan. I've seen a lot of people get very excited about this. But why?
Pictured here is a CanO Water I found while in the UK, next to JUST, which made me think more about these new water packaging options.

最近日本に上陸した JUST Water(ジャスト·ウォーター)」が注目を浴びています。

One of the main things that No Plastic Japan advocates for is critical thinking in sustainability. This post is not to bash one company or another – the merits of new innovation is definitely felt. And to evolve further, this post hopes to provide some other viewpoints to stimulate conversation.

のーぷら No Plastic Japanが重要としていることは、サステナビリティという分野の中、考える力・批判的思考を持つこと。このブログ投稿は、どの企業がよかったり悪かったりではなく、今ある素晴らしいイノベーションを見つめたときに、どのような議論ができるかを考えさせることが目的です。会話を続けることで、もっともっと持続可能で良い社会になることと思います。


What is the package made out of?

After searching and searching, I still couldn't figure out exact numbers on what JUST packaging is made out of.
It says that JUST water is 54% paper (supposedly the body of the product) and 28% plant-based plastic (supposedly the cap and neck of the product). The rest is foil and plastic.
That’s when you look at the whole product. But what percentage of the cap, which is 28% of the whole product, is plant-derived?? Hmm. I would like to know what kind of amount is possible for products like these, and also would like to know the significance of the claim.


What is so good about these materials?

Bio-based materials bring less burden on the environment compared to petroleum-based plastics, for example.
The sugarcane top and certified paper body would have lower carbon emission.
The company seems to be doing good things for the community, and the water is also from a sustainable source. But more transparency that goes beyond the first and simple impression would add further trust to the company! 

ただし実際のインパクトを測るには、素材の割合などについてもう少ーし情報がないと、いまいちわからないと思います… JUSTは会社としてはコミュニティに対するサポートや、水を持続可能な水源からとっていたり、良いことをたくさんしているようですが、一番大事なパッケージの部分はツッコミどころがまだ残っています。 

What is the implication of JUST's packaging in Japan?

In terms of Japan:

The good: Awareness of different packaging than plastic bottles, and awareness on bio-based materials. 
良い点: ペットボトルではない選択肢があることと、素材について考えるきっかけになること!

The bad: In Japan, regular recycling doesn’t handle these plastic- and aluminium-lined carton packages. Yes they may have some bio-based ingredients, and paper alone would be recyclable. Even the sugarcane top is of actually useless in terms of plastic recycling. It will be burned like most waste.
Pure aluminium on the other hand, is easily recycled.

--> Good news, though! Tetra Pak runs a program whereby they collect and recycle these lined carton packages. Check out their "Recycle-Bin" program (Japanese website)! 


Thank you for reading! Stay hydrated!


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