2019 ④ October-December 第四四半期

1. Sustainability workshop for a global sports brand // 「サステナビリティ」ワークショップ開催

My dear friend Misato and I held a workshop as part of a sports brand's "off-site" day, where one of three parts was dedicated to Sustainability. We hosted the same session three times to deliver to 65 people. 

We dedicated the first part to a simple overview on the plastic problem globally, what is particular for Japan, and closed with some simple steps that can reduce your impact on the environment.

The second half was a beeswax wrap workshop, as we wanted everyone to go home with their first "sustainable" item that they can use at home. Only around 2 people out of the 65 had heard of beeswax wraps! A great reminder for us that there is still a lot of room to share knowledge with each other.
We got everyone to draw their original design, iron the wax on themselves, and then cut the edges clean.

Impressive creativity and speed by everyone! The teams selected their favorite design, and we were told that winners received a gift package at their closing dinner (and everyone received a No Plastic Japan straw set also Partying Face on Apple iOS 13.3) Thank you for having us!


最後にはグループごとで好きなデザインに投票し、夜の会食で優勝者にプレゼントが渡されたようです。当日の参加者全員にはのーぷら No Plastic Japanのストローセットも Partying Face on Apple iOS 13.3


2. Hult Prize at Sophia University // 上智大学 Hult Prize

I had the privilege to sit on the judging panel for this year's Hult Prize competition at Sophia University. We had over 10 team pitch their social/environmental business ideas – with so much young talent in one room, I came out truly inspired and hopeful for our future!

The winning team presented the idea of converting human excrement at large events such as music festivals into energy, on a smaller and more compact scale than it exists in now. They’ll be going on to the regional competition next! 
I've worked with so many professional and motivated students this year – it's been wonderful to be part of. 

光栄なことに、今年が初回である上智大学で開催された「Hult Prize」ピッチコンテストの審査員としてご招待いただきました。

3. Green Rabbits Club

A wonderful group of young vegans invited No Plastic Japan for a session on "sustainable tapioca". Very timely, as we were seeing a massive surge in tapioca (boba) tea stores, which unfortunately really increased the consumption for single-use plastic cups and straws also. They provided vegan ingredients for making tapioca tea (which oftentimes is served with milk in Japan, with not many shops offering soy or other alternatives), and I spoke on some ideas to consume more responsibly. 
It was so lovely to spend time with passionate people that host fun events while addressing serious topics.

若い世代のヴィーガンの方達が集まるGreen Rabbits Clubにお招きいただき、「Sustainable Tapioca Party」と名付けられたイベントにてトークをさせていただきました!

4. 530week – 「ものづくりはごみづくり?」session

End of November, we held our first meet-up session as 530week, kicking off with the topic of "Is creating things creating waste?"

We had around 30 people gather from all sorts of backgrounds, including a lot of makers, and held discussions on how industries could collaborate to reduce waste. In particular, industrial waste from, for example, showroom designs, may actually be someone else's treasure – so what may a system look like whereby we can connect the person that wants to get rid of something, and the person that is looking for something?
We also had three presenters with us: Moe from 530week, who works as a freelance spacial designer; Nori from Sunshine Juice who has come up with ways to reuse pulp from cold press juices; and Nario-san from KEEN who explained the company's various ways of repurposing materials. 

Keep up with 530week on Facebook and Instagram. We hope to host more bilingual events... but don't be shy to come along either way! Everyone is welcome!

のーぷら No Plastic Japan 代表のノイハウスも理事であるNPO法人530(530week)の初ミートアップイベントを開催しました。テーマは「ものづくりはごみづくり?」。他業界に渡り、ある人の作ったゴミが他の人の宝物になることも多いですが、そのような方々を繋げられる仕組みを作るにはどうすれば良いのか。
3人のゲストトークも!豪華なミートアップです:530weekの内村からは空間デザインのものづくり・ごみづくりについて;Sunshine Juiceのコウさんにはジュースパルプの再利用について;KEENの成尾さんには店内や商品に使っている素材の工夫について、お話いただきました。


5. Media coverage // メディア露出



     Elle Girl No Plastic Japan media interview working style in Japan   Review of stainless steel straws by No Plastic Japan ステンレス製のストロー エコ


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