2019 ③ July-September 第三四半期

It never ceases to amaze me how much happens during the time we simply sum up as a quarter of a year. Just one quarter – that makes the year sound so quick. Just four chunks. So in other words, it is about 90 days, and  putting it that way alone helps me appreciate the changes that every day brings.

Ok, so what did happen between July and September? This time I've made it small description for each, unlike the previous two updates. 
それでは、7月から9月の間、のーぷら No Plastic Japan HQでは何があったのか。今回はアップデートが多めなので、次回のアップデートより一つづつを短めにします。


1. Zero-waste shop: nue by Totoya

Our zero-waste / bulk-buy shop opened in Yoyogi! We sell everything from olive oil, salts, flour, dried tomatoes, nuts, chocolate, herb teas... all package-free and to be bought with your own bags, containers, jars, etc. All organic, too! And of course, we have some lifestyle related items like the stainless steel straws, too.
Open Sundays 11:00-17:00 unless otherwise stated on @nue.by.totoya on Instagram. 

ゼロウェイストショップの「nue by Totoya」(にゅ、と読みます!)がオープンしました!オリーブオイル、お塩、古代小麦、ドライトマト、ナッツ、チョコ、ハーブティーなどをすべてパッケージフリーで販売しております。ご自身のバッグ、入れ物、ジャーなどをお持ちください。全てオーガニックです!ストローなどの日常品もございます。
毎週日曜日11:00-17:00。変更がある場合はインスタで告知します @nue.by.totoya

Zero-waste store Tokyo nue by Totoya


2. NAKED —waste less market— @UNU farmers market 

On average, we held a NAKED market at the UNU in Omotesando once a month. The NAKED—waste less market— is a bulk buying shopping experience. A first of its kind at the UNU farmers market. No Plastic Japan shares the stall with zerowaste shop "nue by Totoya" and "Nouen Heaven", an organic farm in Chiba Prefecture. 
Of course, not every stall joins in on the NAKED concept, but we hope that by repeating this undertaking and letting the customer experience sink in, we can showcase the demand for it.
Too often do I hear "I came to the Farmers' Market thinking that I'd finally find unwrapped produce, but..." – so we hope to expand the 
concept of shopping zero waste, more. 

"NAKED"をテーマに、ゴミの出ない理想の買い物を実験してみる量り売りマーケット!個包装は一切なし、ありのままの姿で必要な分だけ持ち帰る。このようなマーケットを平均月1で開催しました。のーぷらは毎度量り売りショップ「nue by Totoya」と千葉県のオーガニック野菜を育てている「農園ヘブン」と一緒に参加しています。

No Plastic Japan at UNU farmers market


3. Media interviews

環境新聞 Kankyo Shimbun 


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